Children's Story

Daniel Gal

Living just near the separation wall between Palestine and Israel, 3 brothers; Hussam, Rami and Younis are forced to work after school to finance their family who cannot find a job. The film follows the 3 brothers while trying to find a breach in the wall, to get into Israel to make a buck. This is a story of a childhood clashes with the implications of the occupation.

  • People‚Äôs Choice Award | SRCA International Short Film Festival
  • Jerusalem International Film Festival
  • Berlin Festival
  • Tromsoe Festival
  • Warsaw Jewish Film Festival
  • Washington Jewish Film Festival
  • Warsaw Israel Film Festival
  • The European Day for Border Guards (ED4BG)
  • MEWCCD Film Festival
  • Mediatheque Festival
  • Al Khaqawati Film Festival
  • The center for Peace Studies Croatia
  • The German Federal Agency for Civic Education
  • CET - Center for Educational Technology